Our Services

Design & Project Management:

Precision design is a good start for project management. Equipment with experienced managers and qualified supervisor onsite, we specialize in “Turn Key” delivered project on time successfully and ensure our clients in the peace of mind.

Assistance in system design: type of connections, pipe support plan, routing and etc.
Isometric, spool and support scheme drawings
Stress analysis and testing
Prefabrication of spools
System installation
Test and Commissioning
Project supervision


Support & Training:

Despite the fact that steel pipes corrode, it still has been used in marine industry for many years. The corroded steel pipes have to be replaced several times during ships lifetime, it’s very pricey and time consuming. GRE pipe is anti-corrosive, light weight and easy installation, it’s the ideal replacement for traditional steel systems especially in sea water.

Our technical team provide thorough technique support and training before and after handover project, and clear customer doubts whenever it arises.

Our professional trainer also provide a 3-7 days training program in installation and prefabrication. Qualified trainees are awarded 2 year certificate, updated courses are available after it.